Ultra LED Home Teeth Whitening System

Ultra LED Home Teeth Whitening System

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Amazing Results. 100% Guaranteed.


Our LED Home Teeth Whitening System is giving incredible results all over the world. Why not put it to work on your smile? There’s zero risk.

In just a 20-30 minute treatment, you can show off a dazzling smile that LASTS.

Imagine your friends and family noticing your new fresh, youthful smile. They’ll ask: 

“What’s your secret?”

Best part? If you want to ‘turn up’ and enhance that white glow, simply use the kit again.


100% Safe For Enamel. Zero Sensitivity.


This LED Home Teeth Whitening System is 100% safe and can be used an unlimited number of times.

It’s so safe in fact, the gel and LED light technology is already in use by elite dentists all over the country.

Unlike other teeth whitening products, it doesn’t require multiple steps or uses for you to see visible results.

If you’ve ever used whitening strips you’ll know how complicated and unreliable they can be. 

It’s tricky to apply the strips in the right place, and you can even end up with some teeth appearing cleaner than others!

What’s more, you could be left suffering with sensitivity that lasts for weeks. Doesn’t it make sense to use something so much faster and affordable, leaving you with no sensitivity at all?

Here’s how it stacks up against the most popular teeth whitening treatments:


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Finally! Professional Teeth Whitening


In The Comfort Of Your Own Home...


This Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System is making professional results available to everyone.

In order to get top-level teeth whitening before now, you’d need to find a specialized dentist. 

And even if you were lucky enough to find one, the treatment could run into hundreds of dollars, taking up several hours of valuable time.

Now? The same technology is available in your own home!

Here’s what’s inside your Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System:

  •    4X Whitening Gel(3ml per): whitening gel tubes containing dental-grade bleaching gel
  •  Light-Activated Whitening: powerful LED bulbs to speed up whitening results, including an in-built timer that beeps to let you know you’re done.
  •  Whiter Teeth, Greater Comfort: Duplex tray that fits any mouth and requires no molding and will allow whitening of both top and bottom teeth comfortably.
  •  FREE BONUS: detailed instructions
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