Portable Smoothie Maker

Portable Smoothie Maker

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Making healthy and fresh smoothie's is now made even easier with our Portable Smoothie Maker! Drinking fresh smoothie's helps you lose weight, gives you better digestion, detoxifies and so much more. This is a must to those who are health conscious or even for everybody for you only live once so you have to live it right :)


Product Features

  • Handheld smoothie maker
  • High powered motor
  • Non-slip bottom design
  • Bottle capacity: 380 ml
  • Acid proof stainless steel
  • Blend and drink from the same bottle

Product Specification

  • Bottle dimension: 7.5 x 7.5 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 414 g
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable, 2000mAh 
  • Motor speed: 15000-22000 rpm
  • Weight: 414g

How to use
1.Wash the fruit,cut into small pieces about 1.5x1.5cm(please remove hard,thick skin or hard shelled fruits)
2.Put this fruit pieces into bottle,about 60% of the cup,after the addition of water,so that the total volume accounts for about 80% of the cup
3.Make the product inverted,start the switch,and the motor is rotated,then gently shake the product while working,so that the juice would be delicious.
4.The juice is finished,turn off the power switch,unscrew the cover to drink.If there is still residue, please use filter filtered before drinking.
Please take note

  • Must be full of charge with light turning to green or blue before using it.
  • Long press the button with three seconds to boot.
  • Pull out the charging line when using it.
  • Do not freeze, it is not intended for hot liquids, Do not microwave.
  • Children under 10 years of age are prohibited.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Portable Electric Juice Cup
  • 1 x USB cable


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