How long will it take to Process my order?

Order processing takes about 7 business days before they are shipped to your destination. This time estimation excludes weekends and holidays. During holidays, order processing time may take up to 14 days. You’ll receive an order email confirmation immediately you place your order to confirming your purchase. Your shipping tracking number and other details will also be sent to your email once your order is shipped out.

How long would I wait before receiving my item?

Currently, we are using USPS for shipping every order placed from U.S. For international orders, there are no specific shipping methods – shipping method will vary based on your shipping address.

  • Transit time for orders with United States shipping address: 5 – 20 business days
  • Transit time for orders with international shipping address: 10 – 45 business days
  • Average transit time for all orders: 3 weeks

We’d like to mention that there are unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances that can lead to postponement of shipping. These can include events like natural disaster, unfavorable weather conditions, holidays, etc. These circumstances may delay our carriers from arrive at your doorstep on time. And for this reason, we do not explicitly guarantee the exact delivery time, for this is the responsibility of the delivery company.  

What happens when my item goes missing?

Every product that is ordered from us is shipped from our fulfilment centers that is closer to you. We have several fulfillment enters across the globe where our research teams work to produce affordable and quality products. If we are unable to provide tracking for your item, we would do our best to see that your order gets to you. If you order goes missing, we will reship it to you, free of charge.

Why am I receiving one/some items when I ordered for multiple items?

We are committed to reducing costs such as high taxes and premiums on your own end, and that is why we may have shipped your items in different packages. Please, if you ordered multiple items, this may be the case, and we advise that you exercise some patience as you wait for all your items to arrive.

If the shipping price shown on your receipt is less than what you’ve been charged for shipping, please note that shipping taxes and tariffs that were also incurred may not have been included on the receipt.

I placed an order but I have not received any email confirmation for my order. Is that a problem?

We would like you to check your email spam folder to see whether our order confirmation has been forwarded there. You should also double check that your email address is typed in correctly before placing an order. If you are certain that your email address was typed in correctly, and there’s no order confirmation email in your spam folder. Then, email our customer support team @ support@todaysviralproducts.com.

Can I make changes to my order and shipping address?

We usually start processing orders the same day they are made. If you need to make changes to your order, please contact our customer support team immediately @ support@todaysviralproducts.com, so that we can factor in your changes. We are not making any promises as to whether your changes will be effected.

If your order has already been shipped, we have no control over it any more. But you can wait for it to get to your destination, then you can send it back to us. If the item gets to us in good shape, we will swap it with the correct one with some little charges.

I have questions that are not answered in this FAQ. How do I contact someone to answer my questions?

Please, feel free to email us @ support@todaysviralproducts.com, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.